Top New Canon M6 Mark II Camera For YouTubers

Top New Canon M6 Mark II Camera For YouTubers

I have my aperture is the thumb dial right there and then the other one on the back the little wheel that spins I’ve been using that one for my ISO so having three different dials is really nice.

Top New Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For All YouTubers
Top New Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For All YouTubers

Because I think really a big important purpose of having a camera especially when you’re shooting video is to have it as easy as possible for you to tell your story for you to create whatever you’re trying to and you never know where you’re gonna be if you’re in a city if you’re on a subway and something funny is happening you might want to just get your camera out and be able to get a video really.

Canon M6 Mark

Really quickly so having these little dials that are custom based on what you typically change first I think is really nice now on top of that the thumb dial on the top you can also press the dial function button in the middle and you can go and change like the white balance or something else that you want the dial to also do so on the back you have a little manual focus autofocus little switch right there now this is not going to be working if you’re using an EF lens as I have right here so.

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I have an EF lens an EF M adapter and I’ll talk about that later in this video and so for that reason, it doesn’t actually switch between a manual and automatic focus on this camera so then we get back to the touch screen on the back and the touch screen flips up and back like that so pretty standard for a lot of mirrorless cameras you see sony has something like this as well it works really well it looks pretty good you know I don’t have a problem seeing it in any bright light or dim settings.

So it works well for my uses one complaint though is it only flips up and back so if you’re trying to shoot like downward and you’re behind your camera you’re gonna have a really hard time the farthest back it goes is like 45 degrees so you have a really hard time seeing what’s below you know it’s just a little bit of a tough setup right there so.

Now let’s show you some samples of footage from this camera Canon M6 Mark II I think it looks really good but comment down below what you guys think of this quick little edit hey guys so this is Herbie right here I just wanted to introduce him.

He’s going to be your camera prop while we test out this camera he’s a little camera shy but we’ll see how he does.

Hey guys, if you’re vlogging it might look something like this, is the internal mics right now so hopefully, the audio would be better if you use a shotgun mic but you’ll see the vlog quality is probably decent if the focus is really well the autofocus seems to track me really well it does have dual pixel autofocus.

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Which most Canon cameras do which is one of the best reasons to buy one and of course I have many there are many different lenses you use this one is a basic 24-millimeter prime lens which seems to be my favorite for any kind of vlog type stuff like this.

So getting back to the adapter then because I want to use the lenses that I have on like a 70 D and a DD an SL – like a lot of the old Canon cameras I have a lot of lenses I want to put them on this one so you need to get this little EFM adapter now the EFM adapter goes from the EF lens on one side to the M on the other and it makes sense.

That it’s a true adapter and all you’re really doing is just changing sizes and the distance right there because you have actually no glass in this there’s no glass and this little adapter it’s literally just a metal ring and what you’re doing is creating the space you require between the sensor and the lens in order to maintain.

The proper focal length so that’s just one difference between the DSLR and the mirrorless camera so you have you know a slightly larger gap there than you actually need to fill with this little adapter right there so that’s pretty much everything.

I want to show you about this camera physically looking at it now getting into some of the specs and some of the capabilities of this it has a decent battery I saw some people complain.

But I’ve actually just shot two 30 minute videos with this and I had no problem on a single battery it’s really I don’t run out of battery my videos are usually somewhere around 30 minutes to an hour worth of footage. Also read: Best Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For YouTubers on 2020


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