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The Main and Fundamental Elements of SEO

All searches on search engines begin with the keywords typed in the search box that has been provided on the search engine pages.

The Main and Fundamental Elements of SEO

search engine optimization SEO
search engine optimization SEO

search engine optimization Information searchers enter one, two, three or more words into the search box, then the search engine will analyze various websites in its database and display websites that have relevance to the keywords that are searched for.

search engines

The keyword is one of the most important things that need to be considered in your efforts to do search engine optimization.

So, don’t underestimate this keyword problem.

This will greatly affect website traffic. Although traffic actually comes from many sources, not only from search engines.

By choosing the right keywords, search engine optimization as a source of website traffic will provide more visitors to your blog or website.

For that, you must understand and understand everything about keywords in SEO.

What Is a Keyword?

In terms of the page, understanding keywords or keywords is the word that is the core of what is discussed on the page.

Usually, keywords on a page will be repeated more often than other words.

Meanwhile, from a search engine’s perspective, keywords are words used to search for certain information contained in the search engine’s database.

The keyword itself can consist of one word, and can also consist of several words.

In general, people do a search on Google with specific keywords, namely by entering a few words to get the right results in accordance with what is sought.

After that, Google will display pages from its index that have relevance to the keywords being searched.

Where Any Keyword Should Be Placed

There are several places on the website that you should put keywords into.

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1. Title Tag

This is the most important part of putting the keywords you are targeting for a website page.

Because on search engines, the title tag will be displayed in the first line so this tag will be the first to be seen by information seekers before seeing the description. It’s best to put the keywords you use in the front of the title tag.

2. Meta Description

The meta description will be seen by the searcher after the title above it. So also enter keywords into it. Meta description actually has no effect on Google ranking.

However, this meta tag will also indirectly have an influence on increasing your ranking on Google.

3. Page URL

Before publishing a post, make sure you add keywords to the URL.

On platforms like blogger, WordPress, and others, the page URL will be created automatically based on the page title that you created.

It’s a good idea to edit it a bit shorter but still, contain keywords in it.

4. Heading Tag

The heading tag in question is the H1H6 tag. Add keywords to the tags.

For page titles, we recommend using the H1 tag. While the H2 tags and so on you can use the subtitles of the page.

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5. Paragraphs

The next place that is also important to add keywords to is the paragraph.

Add your main keywords in the first paragraph written. Then you can repeat it in the next paragraphs. And you should not repeat the exact same keywords, but can by using LSI keywords.

6. Image File Name

If you want to attach the image to the text that was created, we suggest that the file name of the image you want to add contain keywords.

This is useful for adding the relevance of a keyword to the pages of your website.

7. Alt Tag

One more important enough in adding images, you should add the alt attribute to it.

The tag will appear when the web browser is unable to render or open an image so that the reader can still recognize the image. Don’t forget to also enter the page’s keywords in the alt tag in the image.

8. Internal Link

Internal links are links within a page that lead to other pages on the same website.

This type of link you should make on each page to uphold the SEO of the engine optimization

In making it use keywords in the link to add relevance to the intended page.

9. Navigation Link

This link is useful for making it easier for visitors to explore a blog or website. Usually located at the top. And there are also those who put it in the sidebar. In each navigation link, also add keywords to the link in question.

How often should you use keywords on the page

Keywords on the page can be repeated as long as they are not excessive.

In SEO, it is known as keyword density, which is the keyword density of a page viewed based on its percentage.

This used to be important so that the keyword density was not too large. But now it does not need attention anymore.

You no longer need to worry about the percentage of keywords in each post that is made. The most important thing is to use keywords naturally in your writing.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, you can use the LSI keyword in writing.

LSI keywords are variations of keywords. For example, by using synonyms or adding other words to it.

How to find the right keywords

To be able to know the keywords or keywords correctly that will be used on a page, you can do keyword research.

Keyword research is a way to find effective keywords to reach visitors from search engines.

Keyword research can be done free or paid.

One service that is often used to conduct keyword research is the Keyword Planner.

This is a service from Google that can be used free of charge. Although it’s free, I think the service is more than enough.

What You Will Get from Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is part of Google Adwords.

This tool is used to facilitate customers, advertisers to be able to make their ads appear often in search engines.

The main goal, of course, is that many ads are clicked Which means many visitors will come to the website on the ad.

However, those who can use it are not only limited to advertisers. All who have a google account can enjoy this service for free and easily.

The Keyword Planner is used to be able to search for keyword ideas that are often searched through the google search engine.


Search Engine Optimization

On each keyword idea that is displayed, you can see the number of searches per month as well as the average.

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There will also be seen whether these keywords have high or low competition.

So first this time the article discusses keywords in SEO.

Hopefully, it is useful for those who are studying in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

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