Expired Domains Why and When to Use Them

Expired Domains Why and When to Use Them SEO COURSE

It will seem obvious, but the .com domains have a specific deadline and if they are not renewed they will face:


Grace Period: After the deadline, the owner has a few days to renew the domain, without additional costs.

Redemption Period: once the grace period has ended, the domain can still be recovered by the owner through the registrar itself, by paying an additional fee.

Pending Delete: for a few days the domain will be unavailable and non-recoverable After this period, it will become available for registration again There may be various reasons why important domains have expired.

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When a company realizes that it is about to lose its domain, it certainly does not idly sit by, In fact, there are specialized backorder services which, through the dedicated API providers such as GoDaddy, allow the registration in a matter of just a few seconds, as soon as the domain becomes available.

Therefore, real scripts’ fights are created, in order to grab the domain, a fraction of a second before the other competitor.

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But why all this interest in an empty domain?

The history! In the course of its existence, a domain may have attracted very important backlinks, perhaps from newspapers, government sites or authoritative magazines.

Some SEO specialists make particular use of expired and deleted domains, checking the past history and whether the current reputation is still positive, by evaluating backlinks and screenshots through services like ahrefs.com or archive.org Expired Domains Why and When to Use Them.

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For example, if I was to deal with birth control pills, I might register the expired domain birth control pills com, but if it turns out that it has backlinks from sites of cheap coats and screenshots show a clothing e-commerce, obviously it would not be the best solution because it would be a bad choice in terms of SEO.

On the other hand, if the recovered site was perfectly themed with the new project to be launched, personally I wouldn’t see anything wrong with this route.

Then, there are other Black Hat SEO methods to exploit expired domains, but we’ll talk about this later, in a dedicated section Expired Domain Why and When to Use Them.

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