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Creative Writing, Alexa Rank, Focus on Your Niche

Creative Writing, Alexa Rank, Focus on Your Niche

There are many definitions of creative writing;

Creative Writing, Alexa Rank, Focus on Your Niche

starting from the way of writing, getting ideas or writing material, but the point of creative writing is actually how the writing we make can be better understood by readers.

That is all.

Creative Writing, Alexa Rank, Focus on Your Niche
Creative Writing, Alexa Rank, Focus on Your Niche

An article that is contained in the form of a book should explain a more detailed discussion, not just turning around chasing the number of pages, because if the discussion can be completed in one article why should it be extended?

creative writing alexa rank

If the discussion is too difficult, examples can also be included so that the example is easier for readers to understand.

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Not the other way around, the target reading of the general public but the language that many uses is unfamiliar is difficult to understand, even for those who are a bachelor. Then what is the writing for?

And it’s not easy to be creative in writing. Sometimes it takes an attitude of “succumbing” to the capabilities possessed with the aim that what is written can be better understood by readers from all walks of life and even educational levels.

But the aim is to “win” when his writing is widely read by all circles.

In giving an example also a writer must be creative.

Because it is not possible, for example, one would give an example when storytelling in front of children, if he himself rarely tells a story and listen to the “fairy tale” of the people around him, including spouses when he was angry. He …

So the creative keywords in writing do not differ greatly with creative in other fields, they must be new and also provide more benefits than they have before.

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Alexa Rank

What is the relationship between creative writing with Alexa Rank?

Of course, there is.

Because I see lately Google’s algorithm is more human.

Not that beforehand cruel, yes, no, I mean now Google is smarter to read what is presented by a blog, especially for the content.

So indeed, who gets a place in the heart of Google is actually who also has a place in the hearts of many people who use Google, of course, those who use Google in humans?

He …. in other words, a blog with a high bounce rate will get a low place, and vice versa.

What is the bounce rate?

A bounce rate is a visit with a low level of interest. For example like this, you are looking for a service on Google, check and get the results of the page (page) one Google.

To find out more, of course, that is read from the top to bottom, which is usually on one page there are 7-10 display blogs that appear (other than those that advertise on Google Ads).

Now, when you visit a blog and see it at a glance just concludes,

“How come the contents like this?” I immediately closed and moved to another blog.


“Wow, the contents are good,” by reading the existing posts, pages or comments.

The first attitude is an example of a blog visitor with a high bounce rate, while the second with a low bounce rate.

This bounce rate affects the Alexa rank which is a ranking made by Alexa to show the level of credibility of a blog/web.

What are the advantages if our blog Alexa rank is good?

Just like when we went to school, our friends with the top ten rankings definitely got more ratings than those with bad ranks, although of course, this ranking could not be a benchmark for everything that is in our friends.

If our goal is to create a blog for SEO, then Alexa rank is a very important factor. With the meaning of blogs with the same niche and aiming for the same keywords and the quality of the writing of images is almost the same, then what will be prioritized to appear on the first page of Google is that it has a higher Alexa rank. that’s why big blogs (Alexa slim rank) usually they dominate more targeted keywords than small blogs.

Alexa rank  creative writing Alexa rank

Now, Alhamdulillah, my blogs, especially in the last 2 months, their Alexa rank has begun to rise. Initially in the position of 5-12 million, now it rose rapidly to 900 thousand – 3 million.

This will certainly continue to go up with a note on each blog having articles and images that are interesting to make visitors feel at home on each blog.

Because of that, I intend all of my blogs to be ranked at least 1 million Alexa, with the hope that every article I write will be easily found by search engine visitors because at that time most of the articles I wrote were on page 1 of Google.

Especially if you can occupy No. 1 Google on every keyword that I aim at it will certainly be very happy.

At least it was not in vain I raised my blogs that began with capital and makeshift knowledge by self-taught, but now there are almost 7 years old.

Focus on the Niche                                     

Many people say how the benefits focus on something. For this, I have proven it, how my blogs that focus on one niche have more convenience to appear on Google than other blogs with many niches.

But of course, this is not an easy thing, because it seems like our blog is only limited to that.

But that is the fact that something difficult will get good results. Not only in the eyes of search engines, for our blog visitors will also get the impression that we are serious about building the blog. Of course, this will be very happy.

Then, how do I stay “loyal” with only one niche for one blog?

The trick is to convince the heart that later in time this blog will also get targeted visitors.

Regarding beliefs about what was done reminded me of a radio, Mora, in Bandung. Since its inception, the radio only focused on legal discussion.

Initially, it did seem strange to radio listeners at the time, but it turned out that with the needs and legal literacy of the community today Mora became a legal reference radio which could be said to be rare in the USA.

And it is true that this radio now has many loyal listeners, the majority of whom are indeed concerned in the legal field.

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Creative Writing, Alexa Rank, Focus on Your Niche

Because everything in people’s lives is always related to the law, Mora will certainly get a new perspective listener from those who need a reference about the law of a case, because it is layman about it.

And this also seems to be facilitated by the many events that discuss the law of a case that is happening and has become a national appeal.

Like wanting to know about something that has never been learned at all, Mora provides the opportunity for questions and answer in each session.

Such is an example illustration of why we must be loyal to the niche we chose from the beginning because one day what we do will not be in vain.

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