What is the Cost or Fee for Writing and Making a Biography 2020

How Much Does the Cost or Cost of Writing and Making Biography Books 2020?

What is the Cost or Fee for Writing and Making a Biography This time our discussion is about the rates or costs of writing and making biography books and some discussion of how I get a biography client?

What is the Cost or Fee for Writing and Making a Biography 2020
What is the Cost or Fee for Writing and Making a Biography 2020

Hopefully, this brief sharing will be useful.

Writing biographies does have its own art He not only wrote like other books that require a lot of reference books, but writing biographies on the contrary, because the main data is from interviews from sources, both direct clients or other people who can add material to the writing.

These other people, of course, must also have permission from the client.

For example, writing a biographical book whose character has died, then the client must determine from the beginning who will later be interviewed to become a resource for writing a book.

This interview must also be carried out with all the preparations, including following all the capabilities of the interviewees for the time and place of the interview, In essence, the interview must be carried out in the most comfortable conditions possible for him, so that we can get a lot of stories from sources.

Why do you tell the story? Yes indeed, biography is the main ammo story So we are indeed like fairy-tale writers who should be able to write it very interesting so that the readers get carried away with the atmosphere in the story.

His name is also a fairy tale in addition to rewriting the core of the story very interestingly, a storyteller must also be able to convey the explicit and implicit messages that the written character wants to give.

There is a question, how to become a biographer?

As I mentioned in a previous article, there are at least 10 ways to become a biographer, including:

  1. Making the biography writer profession as the main profession
  2. Make biography books a must-read every day
  3. Can distinguish between facts and opinions, between interpretation and personal opinion
  4. Diligent and patient in exploring the draft biographical text
  5. Can dive into the lives of written characters
  6. Willing to accept criticism, suggestions, and opinions of others
  7. Have a deep curiosity about the life of a character
  8. Want to learn from previous mistakes in writing a biography
  9. Likes to listen and listen rather than talk a lot
  10. Actively developing biographical writing skills

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Well, it’s complete, right, I wrote above how you can write a biography.

But that is certainly not easy, because until now there are not many writers who want to take the specifications to become biographers.

Has anyone ever asked me, is the tariff of biographers the same as annual report writers?

Of course, this answer is very relative.

Depending on who is the client in each type of writing Writing biographical books is usually what gives the project is personal or from the family But this does not mean the writing rates are smaller than the annual report writing that is usually initiated by the company all depends on the level of difficulty and the ability of clients to provide appropriate rates for writers.

How much does it cost to make a biography?

Making biographies is also the same as making other books The cost is also very relative depending on the material, size, and thickness of the book This should also be in accordance with the client’s request because the publisher – either a separate nursery or also a writer who provides publishing and printing services – should know how comfortable his client is so that the cultivation of books can run in an efficient time.

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How do you make a biography writing proposal?

As with other proposals, biography writing proposals must be made with clear objectives.

For example, the client who was offered writing was a public figure, then the proposal made must certainly provide the view that by writing a biographical book what was done by the character could be explained in more detail in a book, because perhaps so far only in the form of media coverage and newspapers that tend to be short.

The proposal also contains an explanation of the author’s writing competence by also attaching the amount of the writing fee to be submitted.

The proposal is one marketing method that is currently not widely used, because all information about a writing service can now be obtained by prospective clients from a blog, like our blog that you are currently visiting.

So our discussion this time about How Much Does it Cost or Cost of Writing and Making Biography Books.

You can ask me about various things about the discussion above I will answer God as best I can Please leave a comment under the comments column, friend You can also get reads challenging Biographers in other posts in this blog.

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